Thursday, September 1, 2016

Urban Chic

My color palette tends towards turquoise, purple, chartreuse, with gold and copper. But I have a thing for pewter grey. It works well with bright warm colors like orange and red. Here is a design I created to make use (yet again) of some big beads I fell in love with. I found these at a bead show and they seem to be a compound of pressed and polished glass or gem fragments and are known as mosaic beads. I don't see them much anymore so if anyone knows where to buy them I'd be interested.

What to do with them? Cubic Right Angle Weave to the rescue!

Prior to designing this necklace I had taken a wireworking class with Deryn Mentock called "Link Love" at Art Bliss so I was exploring wire more and you can see that I found a way to work that in here. I call this piece "Chain Link."


  1. I never like to use grey because I am hesitant thinking that it really doesn't play well with colors. Well I was wrong. Now my challenge needs to be to use some grey in my beadwork.

  2. Try it out! Grey and oranges and reds - think of sunset on a cloudy day.